Generation (Gap!) of Bikers

DISCLAIMER: I have no recollection of writing this, I was just browsing through and I spotted this in my drafts section, so please do bear with me if I’ve mentioned something that pisses you off.

Being a biker in India is hectic, especially if you live in a country like India where people are so uptight and stuck up with their age old notions, the most common one being ‘Public Transport is a safer means of transport than Driving/Riding’, but we’ll get back to to that later in detail, maybe in another post, maybe later, maybe soon, who knows! Anyway with all these notions and illogical fuckeries going on, biking seems like the only solace for some. But it’s not that simple, especially after the biking culture has gained some fame in the past couple of years(Dulquer Salman, I blame you dude! Just kidding! Keep up the good work!) and every idiot with/without(Yes! We live in a democracy) wants to become a biker, and believe me when I say this, I’ve seen it all, little insecure bitches who’ve got RE’s to boost their confidence or rather social presence, cool dudes who’ve evolved or rather understood that just typing like TH!$ won’t get the job done any more, or even le wannabe cool dudes who know that no one in their right might would like their pictures on Facebook so add a motorcycle to the equation, preferably a Yamaha R15 or a Honda CBR150R and wallah! Hmmm.. Coming to think about it, the list of attention seeking whores on wheels goes on and on! But no need to fret, there’s also a variety of ‘pleasant’ bikers in the list, some who ride through the length and breadth of the country for a cause, some who do the same without any cause, some who’ve even travelled around the globe for that matter. Some who’re confused between a motorcycle and a camera and then decide, why the fuck not both? Some who just own a motorcycle to feel important, and don’t get me wrong, thought they’re may or may not be mile munchers, they can surely be the person who’ll come out in the middle of the night to help you get out of a sticky situation, and that’s why we love these uncles who’re all out on juice but keep posting shitty bike related pics and news and once in a while selfies with their expensive bikes in expensive gears, which they’re never ever going to wear for anything more than an annual G2G(Ge-together) ride to the nearest coffee shop, but nevertheless we love them for their upholding spirit, and never give up attitude.

Now I’m certain that you’ve pictured a few faces in your head, and god knows we might be thinking of the exact same person cause the biking fraternity in our country is very small and now with social media accessible at everyone’s finger tips, everyone seems to know everyone, and I mean that literally, heck! I’m from a small town in South Kerala and I know a dude from Uttarakhand who was so desperate to buy a Bajaj Pulsar 220F that he purchased a Pulsar 180 UG 4.5 and literally built it into a 220F, and I don’t just mean the cosmetic parts, if you were wondering. And then there’s a dude who rides a Bajaj Platina 125 for over 1000kms to 1500kms at a single stretch just for the heck of it, and the best part is that I know them personally. Coming to think about it, I guess its high time I write a post about the ‘Unsung’ heroes of the Indian biking scene, but first lets get back on track.

So how did I differentiate or in more simple terms come to judge and generalize bikers, heck! it was simple. And further reading through the different distinctions you’ll see how and why, and trust me when I say this, there would be numerous DejaVu sequences and recollections while you go through them. 🙂

Generation X Bikers

Now these are the real bad ass bikers of the yesteryears, they’ve set tabs so high that it would take a couple of decades for the following generations of bikers to achieve what they’ve accomplished, and that too just a fraction of it, cause some of these bad ass motherfuckers have done things which makes an individual question a human beings persistence and a motorcycles thresholds. Some of these bikers are nice, where as some of them appear to be assholes, but I don’t blame them, cause these guys have seen it all, and eventually you get tired of punks coming up to you every now and then for a dick measuring competition.

Some of these veterans ride machines that have long been deemed outdated, they prefer such motorcycles because they’ve withstood the test of time and are more convenient to repair when it comes to getting it running again in the middle of nowhere, finding parts for these motorcycles aren’t an issue as well, because most motorcycles in the market are improved iterations hence most parts are cross compatible.

As far as social reach goes, they know or they’re known by the people they’ve crossed paths with on their travels, and at best members of dedicated motorcycling/travel forums, out of those circles they cease to exist, and the best part is that they don’t give a rats ass about it, and thats one of the reasons why I adore them, they’re the true rebels of a bygone generation.

Generation Y Bikers

Now I personally like them mainly because they’re nice people and because I have many friends who belong to this category. These bikers have grown up taking inspiration from the previous generation and they look up-to being able to accomplish what they’ve seen them achieve. Having grown up in an era where technology has vastly developed these bikers make use of technology a lot compared to the previous generation, be it social media or dedicated forums, or even Google Maps for that matter, their research time is comparatively less and they’re more throttle-happy, but they’re distinct when it comes to their agenda’s, though I doubt their planning ever follows up to it.

Generation Z Bikers

Believe me when I say this, you come across at least one of them on a daily basis, and if you’re from Gods own country then look no further, the already predominant egoistic nature coupled with some attention craving and whoop! There you have it, these buggers are all about attention seeking as far as I am considered and I seldom see decent mileage figures on their rides, and I mean any idiot can pull off a 1000kms run if its panned over a weeks time! Heck! I know a fishmonger who rides a Bajaj Pulsar 220 and he effortlessly does over 200 kms a day and I see more of a biker in him than the bikers in question. Most common means of identifying this category is their lack of decent mileage figures which I’ve already mentioned and the quite obvious, too much bling(dude! CF wrap!? Really?) gelled to their motorcycles and oh! wait! their pointless photo sessions, man! if you’d rather spent time riding rather than posing for the bike, you’d at the least get some decent experiences, but No! You’d rather be satisfied with the baseless hype, well if you need a motorcycle (or any accessory for that matter) to boost your presence then you’re beyond help mate, cause everything’s a phase and once you’re out of it, you’ll come to know that you’ve wasted a lot of time and money on something that meant very little to you.

Wow! that feels awesome! I guess I’ve been needing to get that off of my chest for a really long time, if you are reading this, then I truly admire your patience, seriously, thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to go through my thoughts.





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