How to Motorcycle!; How to: Ride!



Howdy people!

(Here used to be a very long self glorifying paragraph, which after NOT so much consideration, I’ve decided to scrap!)

So here’s the plan, I’ve decided to start my own series, the only decent(utilitarian) name I could come up with is How to Motorcycle!

Now onto my first installment, How to: Ride!



Take a moment to think in retrospect, from the time you learnt to walk and observe things around you, you’ve seen someone or the other riding and as far as they’re able to operate a two wheeler you assume that they know how to ride it well, now fast forward to the time when you got your first motorcycle, your perspective of who knows to ride and who doesn’t changes drastically, your super cool friend who boasts about riding the clutch i.e ‘Pumping the Clutch’ to gain more momentum starts to seem like a total idiot, so does your mileage-wala uncle who lugs the crap out of the motor to ‘Save Fuel’.

Now back to the future!

As long as a motor is run within its operating range under specified conditions, the only wear and tear you would be facing is periodic.

So what is this operating range?

I take it to be the RPM range where the bike actually puts out torque, I don’t go by user manual reference or even note down the RPM’s for that matter, its just something I do by feel as the variable factors involved are subjective(Yeah..Yeah..I’m Fat!), for my 2011 Karizma R, the fun started about 3.5k RPM and went up-to 6.5k RPM, where as in my 2015 Bajaj Pulsar 220 the fun starts at 5k RPM and goes up-to 7k RPM, which means that I would be riding the motorcycle in this range most of the time, when I hit the ceiling RPM I up-shift and when I’m near the base I downshift, its all fun as far as the ZMA(A gem of a motor!) goes but for the P220 it does make some noise(It is fun though!) which usually gives your pillion a feeling that you’re not well accustomed to riding(What does the bloody amateur know about riding, eh?).

Another advantage is that you would always have usable torque, which can be a lifesaver most of the time. And not to mention better control as you would be adequately engine braking all the time. Being in total control of your motorcycle has a feel of its own, you loose traction? You have enough toque to slide out. You’re moments away from getting crushed by that ugly pubic transport vehicle? You have enough torque to power out of the way.

Now I know most of you would be worried about the fuel efficiency, well!? You actually get a better figure, reason being that the output is load specific and you’re actually not opening up more throttle that you usually do, dont believe me? Try it out for yourself!

Now coming to the not so pleasant part, the wear and tear. Nothing to be alarmed though, as the motorcycle is used within its comfort range you would only be facing periodic wear, but for the layman who rides at low RPM’s he would extend the primary chains life by a little margin, but as far as we are concerned that is not something to be concerned about, cause we would be changing the primary chain and cylinder at the same time say around 50k kms on the ODO, where as the layman would be changing his cylinder kit around 40k kms and his primary chain around 60k kms, all figures are mere estimations, but you do get the picture(I hope!).


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